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2024 Annual General Meeting

The KLWD 2024 AGM is scheduled for May 15th, 2024, at 7:30pm at the CRD JDF Local Area Services Building, #3 - 7450 Butler Road, Sooke. This is in the Sooke Business Park just off Otter Point Road. The minutes of the 2023 AGM are posted below.


    Welcome and Introduction of Trustees and CAO
    Review of minutes from 2023 Annual General Meeting
    Review of 2023 Financial Audit report
    2023 Annual Report
    Budget for 2024
    Election of Trustee
    Setting of Honorarium

Regarding Voter and Trustee eligibility, the following is taken from the Improvement District Manual issued by the BC Ministry of Municipal Affairs.

Voter Eligibility

Persons entitled to vote at an election must meet all the following qualifications:

  1. A Canadian citizen
  2. Eighteen years of age or older.
  3. An owner of land in the improvement district.
  4. A resident of the province for the prior six months.

One vote is allowed for each board or corporation that owns land within the improvement district. The board or corporation must designate one person to act as an authorized agent to vote on its behalf which should be done in writing.

Trustee Eligibility

Every person who is qualified to be a voter in an improvement district is also qualified to be a trustee.


In the case of strata property, each strata unit has owner(s) registered on title. Anyone, whose name appears on property title whether a single property or strata property unit meets #3 qualification above. Only in the case of a board or corporation where the only owner on the title is the board or corporation, then the board or corporation must designate a person to act as agent and thus eligible voter.

The number of voters in the district is dependent on the number of owners identified on the property titles, not on the number of properties.

Click here for previous years reports.


Conclusion of KLWD Water Source Replacement Project

Date: May 03, 2020

The connection to the CRD watermain on West Coast Road is now operational. We will be keeping a close eye on the new operations and making final adjustments over the next few weeks. The Chubb Road pumphouse at Kemp Lake remains available as a backup during this initial period.

The entire water system has been flushed and both reservoirs have been cleaned. Water users should be aware of, and expect the following during the transition from the Kemp Lake water source to the CRD source:

- may experience fluctuating chlorine levels (smell) in the water for the first week;  

- customers localized between the 7700 block of West Coast Road and Kemp Lake Road may experience a brief period of discoloration due to unidirectional flushing, for the first week.

The lake water currently in the system will transition over to CRD water as we replenish the reservoirs with the new source supply. The current water quality is exceptional as per normal for this time of year and there may be little to no difference as we become fully replenished from the new source supply

Daily testing and current standards to ensure safe potable water will not change and current procedures for day-to-day operations will be unchanged.

We have received confirmation from Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) that we are in compliance with our operating license.

As always, we recommend that water users use best practices for water conservation.

Any question or concerns please email the