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July 17, 2020 KLWD News Update

Water Upgrade Work on Kemp Lake Road

We will be doing some substantial upgrades on Kemp Lake Rd from Chubb Road down to West Coast Rd starting later next week (the week of July 20th).

We are moving meter connections from the old 100mm (4 inch) Transite main and connecting those services to the existing newer 150mm (6 inch) main. At the same time the meter boxes and meters will be upgraded in the process. During the course of these upgrades, there will be intermittent water interruptions.

We will notify customers as best we can when switching service connections over.

When the work is complete, we will be able abandon the original 4 inch Transite line which has been in service for more than 60 years. This should assist in reducing some of our water losses.

We apologize the inconvience this may cause at times, both on the road as well as in the water service.