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Water Restrictions Now in Effect

Date: May 03, 2021

Reminder to Kemp Lake Water District users, as we are now connected to CRD water, we are subject to their Water Conservation Bylaw.

The following information is taken from the CRD website.

Stage 1 of the Water Conservation Bylaw Use Schedule is in effect May 1 through September 30, each and every year, unless more stringent water conservation measures are required.

All of our municipal water comes from the Sooke Reservoir, which relies on winter rains to fill it. From May to September it’s usually very dry. Practicing outdoor water conservation can help, however the bylaw is specific to lawn and garden watering only. Please continue to use water for cleaning and handwashing during the COVID-19 health emergency.

The CRD appreciates your water saving efforts and would like to thank all residents in the Capital Region for your continued support.

Water Conservation Bylaw Information
The CRD Water Conservation Bylaw applies to any customers of the regional water supply system receiving drinking water from the Sooke Lake Reservoir in the Greater Victoria area.

The Lawn Watering Schedule applies to residential, commercial & institutional properties.

Even Addresses
Lawn watering allowed
Wednesdays & Saturdays
4 – 10am and 7 – 10pm

Odd Addresses
Lawn watering allowed
Thursdays & Sundays
4 – 10am and 7 – 10pm

*For multi-unit properties, the street address applies, not the individual unit number.

Visit the CRD website for more information:


Water Upgrade Work on Kemp Lake Road

Date: Jul 17, 2020

We will be doing some substantial upgrades on Kemp Lake Rd from Chubb Road down to West Coast Rd starting later next week (the week of July 20th).

We are moving meter connections from the old 100mm (4 inch) Transite main and connecting those services to the existing newer 150mm (6 inch) main. At the same time the meter boxes and meters will be upgraded in the process. During the course of these upgrades, there will be intermittent water interruptions.

We will notify customers as best we can when switching service connections over.

When the work is complete, we will be able abandon the original 4 inch Transite line which has been in service for more than 60 years. This should assist in reducing some of our water losses.

We apologize the inconvenience this may cause at times, both on the road as well as in the water service.


Conclusion of KLWD Water Source Replacement Project

Date: May 03, 2020

The connection to the CRD watermain on West Coast Road is now operational. We will be keeping a close eye on the new operations and making final adjustments over the next few weeks. The Chubb Road pumphouse at Kemp Lake remains available as a backup during this initial period.

Ratepayer water meters will be read over the coming week and Toll notices will be mailed out around the middle of May. The toll rate for the period 01 Jan 2020 to time of meter reading (which is happening currently) is the same as 2019 at $0.95 per 100 gallons. As we move forward with the CRD water billing cycle, the next meter reading will happen at the end of May with toll invoices issued early June, and every two months thereafter. The CRD retail rate for 2020 is $2.2159 per cubic meter ($1.01 per 100 gallons). The new water toll rate starting now will be $2.60 per 100 gallons which includes the $0.95 per 100 gallons to operate the district, ratepayer usage, and water losses through leakage, flushing, reservoir cleaning, etc. The renewal reserve fee per house or lot serviced by water will remain the same at $6 per month or $12 per 2 month cycle as opposed to the $18 for the old 3 month cycle.

The entire water system has been flushed and both reservoirs have been cleaned. Water users should be aware of, and expect the following during the transition from the Kemp Lake water source to the CRD source:

- may experience fluctuating chlorine levels (smell) in the water for the first week;  

- customers localized between the 7700 block of West Coast Road and Kemp Lake Road may experience a brief period of discoloration due to unidirectional flushing, for the first week.

The lake water currently in the system will transition over to CRD water as we replenish the reservoirs with the new source supply. The current water quality is exceptional as per normal for this time of year and there may be little to no difference as we become fully replenished from the new source supply

Daily testing and current standards to ensure safe potable water will not change and current procedures for day-to-day operations will be unchanged.

We have received confirmation from Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) that we ar e in compliance with our operating license.

As always, we recommend that water users use best practices for water conservation.

Any question or concerns please email the


Water Toll Invoicing Delayed

Date: Apr 22, 2020

We had hoped the connection to the CRD waterline would happen closer to the beginning of April. We have to read all the meters and send out water bills at the time of the change over to CRD water so as to charge for the water used up to that point at current water rates and not the new rates under the CRD.

In order to avoid an extra reading within a month, we had delayed the end of March meter readings until the connection is completed. When the change over happens, we will read the meters and issue water bills that will cover your water usage from the beginning of January.  That way the readings and billing would reflect the current water rates and not the new rates under the CRD, as well we would not be incurring the expense of an additional reading and billing within a month of each other.

We are still hoping for the end of April if all testing goes well and then the meter readings will take place. After we connect to CRD water, the billing periods will be changed to match the CRD billing schedule. When all this happens, we will post another alert to our website detailing the new billing schedule and rates.

Thank you for your patience.


Kemp Lake Waterworks District Postpones Annual General Meeting

Date: Apr 10, 2020

Following are excerpts from a letter received from the Assistant Deputy Minister, Local Government Division, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing and Inspector of Municipalities

Dear Improvement District Trustees and Administrators,

The purpose of this email is to address the requirements of holding annual general meetings (AGM) from January through May and, acknowledging the risks and issues associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are requesting that improvement districts:

  • postpone your AGM and elections
  • if a board meeting is required to proceed with decision making that is critical to the operation of the improvement district, such as passing a annual taxation bylaw, ensure that the meeting is not open to the public

 It is recommended that all improvement districts postpone their AGMs and elections until the Provincial Health Officer gives advice that the COVID-19 pandemic no longer poses a threat to public health.

To provide continuity, it is recommended that trustees whose positions are expiring continue to hold their trustee position until an election can safely be held. It is recommended that the board of trustees proactively communicate with their communities (e.g. email, website) and share the Ministry’s advice on postponing their AGMS and elections.

Once we have clearance from Provincial Health Officer as mentioned above, we will schedule the AGM.


Kemp Lake Water Source Replacement Project

Date: Dec 19, 2019

The Project completion date is now anticipated to be the end of April and Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) has extended all necessary construction permits accordingly.

The main line pipe outside of the KLWD boundary eastward toward Sooke is complete except for the CRD connection at their end. This includes everything up to and including the new meter vault located just outside of the new KLWD pump house. Also complete is the pipe from the meter vault into the KLWD pump house.

The main line pipe within the KLWD boundary is also complete from our existing system into the new KLWD pump house.

What remains to complete is the KLWD pump house building itself; the internal plumbing, pumps, chlorination system as well as all the control systems. Receipt of required components for the KLWD pump house interior systems was delayed due to earlier design changes and a meeting was held with the project engineer, the contractor, and representatives from VIHA. Subsequent to the meeting, the engineer and contractor worked with the suppliers of materials, equipment and resources to update anticipated delivery dates.

Once the KLWD pump house is complete any further delays would be waiting for CRD Integrated Water to establish the connection and install the meter.


KLWD News Update

Date: Jun 23, 2019

The AGM reports/minutes & CRD project update posted to web.

This also includes projected water toll rates after connection to CRD system

Follow the links for

‘Reports & Forms’ -

‘News & Notices’ -


January 24, 2019 KLWD News Update

Date: Jan 24, 2019

Kemp Lake Water Source Replacement Project

Since the last update on 15 Nov 2018, installation of the actual water main along West Coast Road was completed.  A permit was received from MOT/Highways for the new pump house, however, to build to the specifications of the permit was cost prohibitive therefore it was decided to move the pump house to the north side of West Coast Road.  At this time we are once again awaiting the appropriate permit and approvals.  The pump house construction will take six to eight weeks once it is underway. We are now hoping for completion by the end of March 2019.

If using the new E-Transfer Option, please make sure to include the name on the property invoice and either the account number or the address. Without these pieces of information, the payment may not be credited to your account.