Virtual 2020 Annual General Meeting

Many thanks to those of you who attended the virtual KLWD AGM yesterday evening (Dec 16th).  The minutes of the AGM and the audited financial statements are posted below.  As it was the first endeavor to connect electronically (due to Covid restrictions) it was not without problems, and the audio from our end was apparently just plain awful.  Please accept our deepest apologies for that, and again, thank you so much for attending regardless.  The 2021 AGM will be held at the end of April as is typical, and if still under Covid restrictions a  different solution will be sought for a robust connection.

Questions and Answers

Q1 - Is it considered acceptable that residents with fixed low incomes (ie. people w/disabilities, pensioners) and families with two or more children on low-income support, could be impacted financially more (for some impoverished) by the rise in the KLWD tax rate and the water toll charges?

A1 – Improvement districts are incorporated public local bodies governed by a board of elected trustees. Trustees are expected to act in the best interest of the community and strive to govern in the best interests of the residents. Every ratepayer in the District has been impacted financially by the increase in taxes and tolls. To say whether this is considered acceptable or not is outside of the purview of the role of a Trustee.

Q2 - Could a sliding rate scale based on yearly income off-set the increased burden for those who are facing economic hardship?

A2 - Improvement districts provide services such as water services for the benefit of landowners within their boundary. Revenue raised from taxes and tolls is used to meet the administrative and operating costs for providing the service with zero profit, the budget must be balanced. All costs to ratepayers is carefully calculated to cover the actual cost of providing the service and paying for the water now coming from CRD Water. Under these parameters a sliding rate scale base on yearly income is simply not possible.

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